A Delicious and Seasonal Dinner: Zucchini and Roasted Corn Tostadas

by Rebekahcooked up on July 22, 2011

At our house, “taco night” is more like a creative Mexican night: sometimes there’s homemade refried beans with chorizo (ooh, I should post about that…), sometimes there’s pan-fried fish and mango salsa (more ideas to post about…) … and this time, there’s fresh zucchini and sweet corn from our CSA.


First, let’s toast that tostada.  I did not do super well at this the first time, but I know how to do it correctly now. I tried to cheat and use olive oil, and that made for a not very crispy shell. Here’s what you SHOULD do:

Spray your pan with some cooking spray and after it’s heated, put in your tortilla. If you want this dinner to be gluten-free, use a corn tortilla (well, that was easy!). Toast until the bottom side is crispy. then flip and finish off the other side. The tortilla will look like a large tortilla chip, with air bubbles and all. The oil kind of made it not ever be crispy.

You’ll also get a nice, yummy-looking char.

Then saute half a fresh zucchini for each person, and boil or roast an ear of corn for each person as well. Season the zucchini well. It’s going to need some serious salt and garlic, otherwise this dinner would be on the sweet side. I also added a large dash of cumin and a serious hit of chili powder. You’ll get some nice char on these too.

Stack on top of your crispy shell and top with fresh tomatoes, cilantro, greens – anything you want, really. I chose not to do any salsa because I didn’t want to overpower the zucchini. Some sharp cheddar was a good compliment, though. I’d also like to try some salsa verde, especially when our tomatillos arrive.

And don’t forget the sour cream (though this picture is pre-application).

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  1. I like your tostada. I’ll be looking for the future posts…the beans and the fish.

    Comment by Karen — July 22, 2011 at 10:32 am

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