First CSA box in three weeks!

by Rebekahcooked up on August 23, 2011

Since we have been traveling a lot, we put our CSA on hold, and while it was definitely a wise decision, I really missed my bi-weekly produce box. I had actually thought that we would start up again next week, but I’m really pleased that I was wrong!

Why? Because this Thursday we have a wonderful guest coming to visit: my good friend Mary. And it is very important to me to shower her with as many delicious treats as possible (duh).

So (ahem, Mary), here’s what we’re looking at for the next two weeks:

Beets, gorgeous romaine, a cantaloupe, fresh corn, two onions, two zucchini, broccoli (first in a while!), bell peppers, beautiful green beans, donut peaches, pluots (?!) and nectarines.

How excited am I about these…

Beets! (Battlestar… you know you’re saying it in your head.) I think a salad with some quinoa is in order.

This is definitely at least two meals’ worth of green beans. May have to tempura-fy them. Yes, I did mean tempura-fy and not tempura-fry.

If I was on a desert island and could only live off of one type of food… I’d pick tomatoes with no regrets. Two items? Tomatoes and sharp cheddar. Best comfort food ever. For some reason.

One yellow onion + one red onion = a perfect supply.

Annnnd… pluots. Apparently. Wikipedia tells me that they are only one of several hybrids of plums and apricots (besides apriums, peacotums (really?) and plumcots). This one is engineered to be mostly plum-leaning. They are sweet, delicious, and high in Vitamin A.

That reminds me — does anyone remember Grapeles? Now those were a riot.

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