What are your essentials?

by Rebekahcooked up on September 11, 2011

I’m taking a little time off this weekend… still cooking, but also taking a look at what’s in my pantry in preparation for a cool post this week. And here is what I’m wondering:


What are your spice cabinet essentials?

This weekend I made some pickled onions that had three main ingredients… plus five or six different spices involved. That doesn’t happen very often… usually it’s flour, sugar, butter, etc. and maybe some cinnamon or something. It’s definitely a goal of mine (and probably many who want to eat less meat) to use spices skillfully and frequently.

It’s fairly frequent that I don’t have everything a dish requires spice-wise, so unless I’m on my way to the store I’ll just do without, or substitute something more familiar. I’d like to get out of that habit and get better at seasoning my food. My oven fries from last week were a pretty good adventure in seasoning, but that is not an everyday occurrence.

So, I’m interested to know… besides the basics like Italian seasonings and various salts, what do you keep in your spice cabinet?

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