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by Rebekahcooked up on October 16, 2011

Unfortunately, I’ve been down and out most of this weekend being sick. I stayed home from work Friday and slept most of the day feeling gross, and barely slept Friday night. But at probably 8 p.m. Saturday I turned the corner, which was kind of weird. All of the sudden I lost the head groggies and could think clearly again. And today I have actually done productive things again!

In the meantime, we’ve been making and tasting pies – lots of combinations. Not to reveal too many details, but there’s something coming up that Dave is working very hard to make the perfect pie for. So far we’ve tested three different pies and I am stuffed. Chocolate, graham crackers, pistachios, cherries, marshmallows… whooooo… (not all in one pie). Lots of sweetness!

Me being sick has also meant that I have hardly had any kind of appetite and zero sense of smell. We actually have this air freshener in our house that was left by the previous owners, and I love the smell of it. Today I flipped the little reeds over hoping I could smell some, but I couldn’t smell a darn thing. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be back to 100 percent and able to smell things again.

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