Delicious Times Ahead

by Rebekahcooked up on November 13, 2011

I have decided that it is officially “the holidays.” Perhaps because it is actually cold now. Perhaps because I started making my Christmas list. Perhaps because I want to bake more things. It’s probably one of those things.

I’ve had an amazing weekend with my parents in town. We made great food at home and also had some great dining experiences at Cha Taqueria in the Pearl and at Widmer Bros. Gasthaus Pub on Interstate. I tried chicken schnitzel for the first time. I loved it – especially the salty breading and the way it was complimented by creamy potatoes it came with. And it wasn’t even my food – it was Dave’s. I had a lamb burger smothered in goat cheese and served on crispy brioche. Seconds later it was gone.

The first night my parents were here we ate a from-scratch “lasagna” that I worked hard on and late at night. I think I made too much meaty filling and therefore there were only two or three rows of noodles and it had absolutely no structural integrity and fell apart the moment I scooped it from the pan. It was basically baked meat pasta — hence the quotes. But it still tasted good. My apple pie was more successful (see tomorrow’s post!)

Dave made a great chicken and rice soup yesterday for lunch and it was the perfect lunch for winter in Portland (yeah, I said the w-word).  I wish we had twice as much so I could eat the leftovers.

And believe it or not, we probably have fewer than a dozen apples left. I’m sad to see them go, but it’s probably a good thing that we eat what we have, considering the upcoming holidays and mass food production. Did I mention that I have very few ahead-of-time posts left? I better go cook something.



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