Easy Peasy App: Stuffed Jalapenos

by Rebekah — cooked up on March 6, 2012

Taking a quick lunch break to snarf some veggies and rice, and post a delicious appetizer inspired by an evening at Breakside Brewery not too long ago. For reasons that I will not get into, my relationship with heavy jalapeno use has been pretty bad for a few years. But I decided to take a chance for jalapenos stuffed with cheese and sausage.

I mean, how am I even supposed to say no to those?

These are great to play around with, too. You can skip the sausage and do many kinds of cheese. You could add onions and/or mushrooms. You could even add more peppers 🙂

Here’s what you need:

  • Jalapenos, halved length-wise and with all seeds and the inside whiteish membrane removed. Plan 2-3 per person.
  • Grated cheese – I recommend using a mix. In the photo, we used cheddar.
  • Spicy sausage, or whatever you would like to stuff them with. Plan on overfilling slightly, because it will all sink down into the pepper half.


Put the sliced jalapenos on a baking sheet face up and place in a 350 degree oven – these will take longer to cook than it will for the cheese to melt.

Start by browning the sausage – don’t get it too crispy, because it has to go in the oven with everything else. While the sausage is browning you can work on prepping your other ingredients. If you’re doing onions or mushrooms, you can cook them with the sausage – they will need a little extra time with heat.

Pull the jalapenos out of the oven after 5-7 minutes on their own. Be careful when filling them, because they’ll be hot! Layer just a bit of grated cheese on the bottom of the peppers (kind of like a glue). Follow with all of your non-cheese ingredients and then top with another sprinkling of cheese. Effectively, the cheese is the only uncooked thing at this point. Put them back in the oven for about ten minutes while a) the cheese melts and b) the jalapenos finish roasting.


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  1. These look so good! Why didn’t we try these when I was there?

    Thanks again for the wonderful meals and pie this week!

    Comment by MaryK — March 6, 2012 at 2:14 pm

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