How does your garden grow?

by Rebekahcooked up on May 16, 2012

As I may have mentioned, last weekend we ate from our garden for the first time this season (with the exception of a few sprigs of oregano that survived the winter). There’s much more to come! Tonight we made a “burrito bowl” that featured both lettuce and cilantro. So I figured it was time for the first garden update in a while.

We started this end of the raised beds all from seeds (except that rhubarb, of course). From front to back we’ve got carrots, spinach and loose-leaf lettuce. These all went straight in the ground 5-6 weeks ago.

We’re doing more herbs than we did last year. So far we have the cilantro and oregano that survived the winter, plus basil, parsley and chives that we started from seeds. I really really really really hope the basil survives. Fresh basil is the best thing in the world. Also has one of the widest profit margins if you’re buying instead of growing.

Here’s one of five or six surviving tomato seedlings. I think we planted eight indoors, and all of them made it to transplant but not all of them survived the first couple of weeks outside.

For the first time ever, I’m growing beets. I am really excited about it! Here’s hoping they turn out.

After a few weeks of rain and drear, the garden has been enjoying some much-needed heat. Hopefully that means big growth spurts!

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