And It Was Bountiful! Scenes from Feast Portland’s Oregon Grand Bounty Tasting

by Rebekahcooked up on September 24, 2012

The Oregon Grand Bounty Tasting was on Friday and Saturday of last week, and I expected it to be amazing. But it totally exceeded my expectations. There was SO much food, wine, chocolate and coffee (thank goodness!). Many of the head brewers, chefs and wine makers were right there at the table, ready to talk about the secrets behind their signature dish or product. I loved learning about the artisan processes behind so much of the great stuff that comes from Oregon.

Here are just a few scenes from the event – I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

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Here’s an amazing shrimp, slaw and blue corn cracker snack that I had. So amazing!



SO MUCH MORE after the jump…

PIES. Clearly. These were the ones that I ate. I hope there was enough for everyone else…


Noms – a shrimp salad from Whole Foods!

More from the Whole Foods tent – which was a really cool display! This one is a lentil and beet salad. Kinda want to copy that in my home kitchen!

I had some Chardonnay while I tasted cheese at the Briar Rose Creamery table…

And this event was the second time I’ve tasted Foietella from Xocolatl de David – Yes, it is a combination of Nutella and foie gras. It’s very rich and smooth. I kind of can’t believe it works!

I also tried a nifty chocolate bar with Parmagiano-Reggiano in it. It was kind of crunchy. Surprising and delicious!

Here’s a few other fun baked goods I got to try: This one is a tomato tart.

The same bakery (name is escaping me) had this delicious coconut bar (and they let me try one of each!)

Amanda Freitag was on hand to do a demo at the KitchenAid stage. Here, her assistant is showing her where all of the ingredients for her dish are (before the demonstration began).

This is what is below them:

Pretty darn cool, I have to say! Amanda (Chef? Chef Amanda?) was so charming, posing for photos, signing autographs and just being very funny and sweet answering questions from the audience. I loved the informal structure – she talked to the audience the entire time – talking through the demo was only a part of the program.

What a cool event this was! I am pretty sure every winery in Oregon was there, and probably every brewery too (this led me to immediately seek out all of the solid food 🙂 I needed it!). I had such a great time – this event was perfect for a couple of foodies to walk around, talk, taste and meet members of their food community.

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