BRB, Going to Ben and Jerry’s.

by Rebekahcooked up on March 31, 2013

Hello all, I have a small announcement.

The nice folks at Ben and Jerry’s have invited me to come out for a visit to their headquarters in Vermont. After I stopped freaking out a little bit, I said I’d be there.

That trip begins tomorrow. I’ll be getting up bright and very early and getting on a plane. Tuesday morning I’ll be coming at you from Burlington, Vermont. If you’d like to follow my adventures, I’ll be tweeting and Instagramming up a storm. My handle on Instagram is rebekahhubbard and on Twitter it’s rebekahahubbard.

I’ll be doing posts about it later as well, but I’d love to hear if you all have any questions you want me to ask! One friend wanted to know if there were any more pistachio flavors in the works, for example. It sounds like we’ll get to explore R and D, taste a bunch of flavors and ask a lot of questions. So if you want to know something about Ben and Jerry’s, leave it in the comments or tell me on Facebook or Twitter!

See y’all on the east coast!

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  1. Holy crap, congratulations!

    Comment by Rob Weir — April 1, 2013 at 2:32 pm

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