Grilled Apricot and Burrata Salad

by Rebekahcooked up on June 8, 2014

I love the Farmers Market so much. Today I went in thinking it was probably too early for anything but strawberries. Boy was I wrong. I came home with half a flat of strawberries, six apricots and a pound of cherries (among other things). But!! Cherries! It’s only the beginning of June. It kind of feels like I won the fruit lottery. Which totally exists, I’m sure of it.

Grilled Apricot & Burrata Salad | PDXfoodlove

And while I’m excited for the other fruits, I was so excited to find apricots. I’d been stalking the cheese counter at New Seasons for a couple of weeks and whenever I go in, they seem to be out of burrata (of all the things to be out of). We finally found some on Friday, and when we saw apricots for sale this morning at the market, I knew they would make a perfect match.

Grilled Apricot & Burrata Salad | PDXfoodlove

And then this salad happened. It’s sweet from a little honey drizzle, tart from the fruit, perfectly salted, and let’s not forget a savory warmth from a drizzle of good oil. If you choose to not put bread on the side, it’s gluten free. We ate it scooping pieces of warm, falling-apart apricot onto the toasty grilled bread with a bit of cheese and eating it like a bruschetta. My mouth is watering writing about it even though we ate it like, 3 hours ago.

Needless to say, we’ll be making it again soon.

Here’s what you need for 2 servings:
2 cups mixed greens
2 apricots, halved or quartered – whatever your preference
Slices of good bread* Obviously, skip this if you are gluten free
Olive oil
Burrata – I would say we used about 3-4 oz. for this salad. But it’s up to you!
Real, local honey for drizzling
Finishing salt
Freshly ground black pepper

Grilled Apricot & Burrata Salad | PDXfoodlove

Wash the greens and tear into small pieces. After allowing to air dry, transfer to your serving dish(es), which ideally would be a large plate or platter (something flat).

Heat a grill pan and brush lightly with vegetable oil. Grill the apricots 2-3 minutes, or until they start to break down just a little bit where the grill touches them. Remove and add to the plate of greens.

Grilled Apricot & Burrata Salad | PDXfoodlove

Next, brush the bread on both sides with olive oil and toast on the grill pan. Cut into strips if using a large slice. You can either add these to the serving platter or serve on the side.

Finally, cut the burrata into pieces and add to the serving dish(es). Drizzle the entire plate with honey, the best olive oil you’ve got and salt and pepper.

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