Apple Rye Sparklers featuring IZZE Sparkling Juice

by Rebekahcooked up on September 23, 2016

Well, fall has officially come to Portland. I turned on the heat in the house today. I’m wearing a sweater. I’m munching on apples and pumpkin cookies. Let’s do this.

I do think it’s fun to get a new set of seasonal produce to play with… sure, you can buy apples any time of the year, but the *best* apples are available right about now. And they are fun to play with in cocktails, too!

Apple Rye Sparkler | PDXfoodlove

I used IZZE’s Sparkling Juice in this Rye Apple Sparkler recipe, which I think is a lovely little cocktail for fall. I am always a fan of a little fizz in the mix in my drinks.

Apple Rye Sparkler | PDXfoodlove

After some *very grueling* scientific testing I also have determined that grenadine and apple go pretty great together! (Grenadine’s main ingredient is pomegranate juice… makes sense). Add a little rye whiskey, and you are on your way to a very good place indeed.

Apple Rye Sparkler | PDXfoodlove

I can see us serving this at upcoming dinners – it’s one of our favorite things to do, especially when the weather is crummy – to have friends over and cook and chat and sip cocktails and eat great food. This will fit in nicely.

Apple Rye Sparkler | PDXfoodlove

This post is sponsored by IZZE Sparkling Juice! My opinions of course are always my own.

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