The Cocktail Diaries: The Painkiller

by Rebekahcooked up on November 7, 2016

What cocktail could possibly be more appropriate for this, the final day of the election? 🙂

Painkiller Cocktail | PDXfoodlove

But seriously though, enough election talk. This delightful tiki concoction is perfect for any day of the year! It has all my favorite things: coconut cream (YES it is different from coconut milk and NO they cannot be substituted for one another, not even that hunk of thicker stuff at the top of the can), pineapple juice, rum (duh) and a little orange juice, because I like my cocktails to be on the acidic side.

My other favorite thing about this drink is that it dispels one of the common beliefs about tiki – that you need a million weirdo ingredients that you’ll never find again. FALSE.

You can find all of these things at either the regular grocery store or the liquor store (the coconut cream will be at the liquor store – and maaaaayyyybe at the grocery store).

And you never know, once you get a few tiki ingredients, you might just find yourself wandering down the tiki path like me, and getting some of the weirder stuff, too. Come on in, the water is fine. Bring a cold drink. 🙂

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