Five Tips for Feasting Like A Pro

by Rebekahcooked up on September 13, 2017

I’m so excited to be back at Feast Portland again this year. This year, I’ve been fortunate to attend a pre-Feast excursion with Travel Oregon to the Mt. Hood Territory – more on that very soon, I promise – but also on my Instagram story right now if you want to check!

Feast Portland | Pdxfoodlove

After attending the festival for five out of its six years, I feel like I learned a few things! I’ve written about tips in the past and this year I even gave Drink Portland a quote this year. But I think it’s time for a refresh. I’ve learned a lot about attending festivals and Portland has also changed over the years. So take a look at my old post – which I think is still good advice – but here are my new tips for hitting the festival the best way this year:

Feast Portland | Pdxfoodlove

1) Hydrate, hydrate, HYDRATE! Not only is there booze aplenty every year at Feast (which I love!) and it’s always a good idea to drink plenty of water while imbibing, it’s also just good for your digestion! You’re going to be eating so much good food – it’s a good idea to help your tummy say happy with plenty of H20. The team at Feast is SO good at putting water everywhere at events. If you walk by a barrel of water, grab some!

2) Travel light. I can’t stress this enough. Even the normal things you carry will get heavy after a day of feasting. You know that little zipper pouch you normally keep your loyalty cards in? Or your extra lipsticks? Ditch them at home! I know it sounds silly, but they’ll get heavy.

Feast Portland | Pdxfoodlove

3) Plan your schedule ahead of time and put it on a real calendar. There is so much great stuff going on – having it on a real calendar helps for two reasons. 1) You won’t double book yourself. As much as I would love to be in two places at once eating delicious food, I can’t! 2) Planning transit. Some events are walking distance from each other and some are not – having a plan ahead of time is a good idea, so you can also plan in wait times for cars. which brings me to….

Feast Portland | Pdxfoodlove

4) USE LYFT. We haven’t always been lucky enough to have Lyft in Portland while Feast was going on, but now that it’s here for good (and has been for a couple years), there’s no reason to be dealing with your own car with limited parking and lots of drinks. I highly recommend downloading the app ahead of time so you’re ready when you need a cab at 12 a.m.

Feast Portland | Pdxfoodlove

5) Just go for it with the stuff you’re really interested in! This is not a time to hold back – it’s a celebration. Try new things! Get seconds! The next time there is a celebration this fun and robust is literally one year from this week, when Feast happens again next year. Don’t waste it! 🙂

Feast Portland | Pdxfoodlove

Now don’t wait — There are still a couple of tickets left!!

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