Cocktails 101 with House Spirits Distillery

by Rebekahcooked up on May 22, 2018

Y’all know that one of my deepest wishes in life is for people to feel confident making great drinks for themselves at home. That’s one of the main reasons I blog about drinks! It’s not too hard, you can use lots of fresh ingredients instead of a million expensive bottles you won’t finish, and the process is pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

House Spirits Cocktails 101 Class | PDXfoodlove

That’s why I am excited to tell you about House Spirits Cocktails 101 class. I was invited to try the class recently and had such a fun time. House Spirits is now offering these once per month, so if you’ve been thinking about upping your game, want to go on a super fun interactive date or just hang with your friends/family, I think this would be a great idea.

House Spirits Cocktails 101 Class | PDXfoodlove

The cost is $65 per person, a very good price for the value. Not only is the class very informative and fun, but you are provided with so many fresh ingredients and bottles of spirits and mixers to play with! You make lots of fun drinks during the event, which you then get to drink, and there are nice snacks provided as well. Between the cost of the food/drink you get to consume, plus the materials (more booze and fresh ingredients!) you are getting a great value.

House Spirits Cocktails 101 Class | PDXfoodlove

The class starts out by reviewing stirring and shaking techniques and equipment, and why you would choose to do each of those, and how to best do them! And then it dives into ratios, which I *loved* – because you know that a martini and a manhattan are the same ratios, just different ingredients, right? 🙂 You go through a few classic ratios and learn about the cocktails they form – and yes, you get to make the drinks (and again… then drink them)! You’ll also learn how to use egg whites in making drinks. For a 101 class, this goes pretty deep!

House Spirits Cocktails 101 Class | PDXfoodlove

The class ends with a COMPETITION, which will surprise no one that it was my favorite part. We were given free range of their fridge of fun mixers and all the fresh ingredients the House Spirits team had on hand, and 10-15 minutes of R&D to create a recipe based on what we had learned. I made a Westward Whiskey highball with blackberries and Coca-cola! It was delicious.

House Spirits Cocktails 101 Class | PDXfoodlove

The entire time the class was full of laughter and fun, and I would definitely bring back friends and family for a fun evening. As with all booze events, make sure to make your transportation plans ahead of time! And if you’d like to de-buzz a little bit over dinner, there are plenty of great options in the area like Revelry, Olympic Provisions, Kachka, and more.

If you’re an old hand at cocktails, you might just learn something new and you’ll definitely have fun. But if you’re a newbie, your game is about to be changed! You’ll walk away not only knowing your way around the bar, but with a great idea of what equipment you need (and don’t need) and how to get started at home.

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