Adventures in Oregon Wine Country

Cooked up on March 3, 2013

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Last weekend I took a little day trip with some of my fellow food bloggers out to visit some of our lovely Oregon wineries, and it was beautiful and relaxing – just what I needed after a busy work week. We visited three wineries that day – Erath, Anne Amie and Soter Vineyards (in that order), and got to taste wines all over the spectrum, from fine Pinot Noirs to honey-rich dessert wines to pinot grises and roses that made us wish it was summer. Luckily it was a beautiful, sunny day, and we didnt’ have to use our imaginations too much.

wine-amie gris

This was one of my favorites from Anne Amie – but I’ll start in order from now on:

wine-erath bottle

We had such a nice tasting at Erath (and by the number of folks there, it’s clear their secret is out!). We tasted most of their single vineyard offerings, and I think the Leland was the consensus favorite pinot noir. It always amazes me how the same type of grape can taste so different when the vineyards are a short drive away from each other. But that’s one of the cool things you learn when you’re out and about wine tasting. I ended up taking a bottle of the 2011 Dion Pinot Gris Rose. I couldn’t help it :)

wine-view from amie

This is the view from Anne Amie – what did I tell you about the weather? This is FEBRUARY in OREGON.

wine-amie label1

I could not get over the labels at Anne Amie.

wine-amie label2

So pretty! I ended up taking a bottle of the 2011 Cuvée A Amrita.

wine-amie dessert

And the star of the show was this beautiful dessert wine. It reminded me a little of mead – the flavor reminded me of a really nice, light floral honey. I don’t often have the occasion to drink or serve a dessert wine, and this really made me think about how I could fit it into my life more.

From Anne Amie we drove just a little bit up the road to Soter Vineyards’ gorgeous hilltop tasting room. We met some new friends along the way:


Any vineyard would be fortunate to have the lovely Mari guiding their visitors through a tasting.


I loved everything about the aesthetic of the Soter tasting room.

wine-soter table2

The gorgeous table settings are ready for you to take notes – something I wish I had done more of throughout the day!

wine-soter table

And of course, we loved tasting the wine, too. There is one very special bottle that I’ve had the privilege of tasting twice now – the 2007 Napa Valley Proprietary Cabernet Blend – it is a bottle worthy of any special occasion. I wish I had thought to get a photo!

I also loved the Mineral Springs Ranch Pinot Noir, and bought the North Valley Highland Rosé to bring home and hopefully share with guests. Why so many rosés today? I have no idea. I blame the sunshine.

wine-soter bottle

We are so lucky to live just an hour away from the beautiful wine country – it’s the perfect weekend getaway and a nice way to really enjoy yourself, learn about your local artisans and take home a piece of the countryside to share with family and friends. I can’t wait to go back. Erath, Anne Amie and Soter, thank you for your hospitality!

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