Bounty from Our Garden, and Favorite Fall Dishes

Cooked up on September 30, 2011

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It’s been a while since I’ve written about our garden, and frankly it’s been an exhausting week and I loved spending an hour out there just cleaning stuff up, picking our new produce and planning for the winter. This is what I got:

Gorgeous! I can’t wait to cook with them this weekend. There’s lots more on the way, too:

In my experience the peppers grown at home have looked like what we buy in the store, but they are much thicker-walled and a little bit smaller. I was actually expecting them to look a little less perfect, but these could be in a painting! Maybe I will paint them.

Despite getting all of our beautiful bell peppers, it is clear the garden is winding down a little bit. The tomatoes have been weird lately – lots of them are splitting open for no apparent reason and we’ve also had plenty get opened and eaten by ants. The other day I caught a squirrel in the garden, too, and I don’t know if squirrels eat tomatoes, but I don’t doubt at all that they can do damage to them.We haven’t had very many edible tomatoes at all lately, but there are still a ton (at least 50) green and undamaged ones still on the vine. I wonder if those will actually ripen in time or will just end up never getting there. And tomatoes do ripen off the vine. Maybe I can pick some and let them ripen in the house away from the mean squirrels.

ANYWHO, the decline of our garden has got me thinking about fall. What are your favorite and trademark dishes? When we’re in Chicago this fall I know Dave’s dad will make this amazing oyster dressing (like, Thanksgiving-style dressing, not salad). It is one of my favorite things in the world! I love oysters. So, I’m really looking forward to that.

I also have a tradition of making Halloween sugar cookies every year – it’s something I’ve done with my mom every year since I can remember and by myself since I moved away from home (geez, it’s been a while). Anyway, I swear the orange food coloring makes the cookies taste amazing and I can’t wait to make them. Maybe this weekend.

Also,  next Friday I will be one quarter of a century old.



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