Pumpkin Cranberry Swirl Muffins

Pumpkin Cranberry Swirl Muffins | PDXfoodlove

Got some leftover cran sauce? Have I got an idea for you 🙂

Cooked up on November 27, 2016

Pineapple Strawberry & Coconut Smoothie

What do you do when you have tiki party leftovers? Make smoothies! Without the rum.

Cooked up on October 17, 2016

Easy Pumpkin Pancakes

Pumpkin Pancakes | PDXfoodlove

This weekend, the warm, sunny weather seems to be back. So it feels a little less like fall than just a few days ago when the cool rains where here. But I was still ready for our first pumpkin of the season.   The end of the summer has me thinking a lot of about […]

Cooked up on September 11, 2016

Zucchini Bread with Walnuts

Zucchini Walnut Bread | PDXfoodlove

If you aren’t growing your own zucchini, you can get them for about 75 cents right now, because they’re so plentiful! Time to bake!

Cooked up on August 23, 2016

Strawberry Shortcake with Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream

Strawberry Shortcake with Vanilla Bean Cream | PDXfoodlove

The ultimate spring dessert. Or breakfast. Or snack.

Cooked up on May 31, 2016

Peach Blackberry Scones

Blackberry Peach Scones | PDXfoodlove

Dreaming of summer? Me too.

Cooked up on April 12, 2016

Brown Butter Pound Cake with Blueberry Topping

Brown Butter Pound Cake with Fresh Blueberry Topping | PDXfoodlove

A buttery, bright spring pound cake for breakfast or dessert.

Cooked up on February 26, 2016

Chocolate & Banana Pancakes

Chocolate & Banana Pancakes | PDXfoodlove

Banana pancakes are great. Chocolate chip pancakes are great. In fact, the only thing better could be the combination of the two!

Cooked up on January 6, 2016

Fall favorite things, Part I, with a recipe for Cheater Strawberry Pastries!

Cheater Strawberry Croissants featuring Oregon Fruit Products' Pourable Fruit | PDXfoodlove

These are some of the cool things I’ve gotten to try this fall!

Cooked up on October 10, 2015

Apple Donuts with IZZE Sparkling Apple Juice

Apple Juice Donuts with IZZE Sparkling Juice | PDXfoodlove

What’s for breakfast? How about these fall favorite apple juice donuts?

Cooked up on September 26, 2015