Girl Scout Cookies

Thin Mint Ice Cream

thin mint ice cream

So, I’m posting this today for a lot of reasons. A) I have been pretty vocal about the fact that I work at Girl Scouts, and yes, I love the cookies. But B), it is International Women’s Day, and the intersection between the two is obvious! Girl Scouts is the premiere leadership organization for women. […]

Cooked up on March 8, 2013

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Thin Mint Icebox Pie

No way was I going to do a series of Girl Scout cookie recipes without including Thin Mints. And who doesn’t love them frozen? This one quickly ascended to be tied with the Tagalong coffee cake as my #2 favorite – the winner still being the do-si-do crusted chicken. But oh my, this pie. Decadent […]

Cooked up on March 4, 2012

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Shortbread-Crusted Cod (with Trefoils!) and Lemon Butter Sauce

Here’s another savory experiment in the continuing saga of cooking with Girl Scout cookies. By the way, I thought I should mention that I am not actually getting paid extra to do this. I just thought it would be fun. Anywho: This fish dinner was mostly a success. The crust is a little sweet, but […]

Cooked up on March 2, 2012

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Thai Peanut Chicken with Do-si-do Crust

Yep, we made a savory dish with Girl Scout cookies. And it was, and I quote, “One of [Dave’s] favorite meals we’ve had.” I cannot tell you how proud I am of this one. There’s a few recipes online that are for a similar concoction, but after browsing a few of them, I decided to […]

Cooked up on February 29, 2012

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Tagalong Coffee Cake (PB and Chocolate!)

This coffee cake was born of a desire to make a Girl-Scout themed dessert, but also the necessity to get it done in under an hour, thanks to my lack of planning. 🙂 Thankfully, it somehow turned out to be really amazing. The cake was delightfully moist but not too sweet. Dave once again saved […]

Cooked up on February 28, 2012

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Samoa “Touchdown Bars”

I may have mentioned that I work at the coolest place on the plant, Girl Scouts. I really, truly love my job. And also, it involves a lot of cookies.Which is why I thought it might be fun to get creative with some Girl Scout cookie recipes, seeing as it’s cookie season and all. I’m […]

Cooked up on February 27, 2012

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