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Gingerbread Donuts

Gingerbread Donuts |

Thanksgiving week is finally here! We’re celebrating with friends this year since we are not leaving town, and I can’t wait! Dave and I’ll be making pie, green bean casserole, bread and a crudité platter – totally manageable, though I haven’t decided on a kind of pie yet. Hmm. I’m also excited because today I […]

Cooked up on November 24, 2013

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Cheddar and Asiago Poppyseed Crackers

Cheddar & Asiago Crackers | PDXfoodlove

Well, it’s been another crazy week! I am loving my new job – I feel like I’ve learned so much and I’ve only been here for five business days. I’ve already been on a quick trip up to Tacoma and Seattle where I ate all of the foods, and then bought the ones I couldn’t […]

Cooked up on November 21, 2013

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Challah French Toast

Challah French Toast

Challah has such a unique crumb. The air bubbles it contains are smaller than your average loaf of bread, but it is still so light! It is a delicious treat with a hint of sweetness to its flavor – almost like it’s asking to be used to soak something up. An egg custard mixture, perhaps. […]

Cooked up on September 8, 2013

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White Cake with Fresh Strawberry Buttercream

White Cake with Fresh Strawberry Buttercream

I love making cakes! Especially old-school cakes. And especially birthday cakes, so I can make them a little fancy. So when it was Maxine’s birthday right before she came to stay with us, I jumped at Dave’s suggestion to make her a birthday cake. Maxine let us know that strawberry is one of her favorite […]

Cooked up on August 22, 2013

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Mini Red, White and Blue Trifles (Ok, fine, white-ish)

Red, white and Blue Trifles

Every time a holiday comes up, I think about it the night before and say to myself “Oh, it would have been smart to plan a post for this.” And sometimes I post a recipe late, something that I may have eaten for the holiday, but is less relevant since the holiday has passed. It […]

Cooked up on June 30, 2013

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Chocolate Soufflés

Chocolate Souffles

I can think of very few things that I love more than to spend the evening with Dave making an excellent meal together. But I value that experience even more when it’s a very busy week at work (like it is right now! Have you guys heard of Girl Scout Cookies? They’re a thing.) And […]

Cooked up on February 13, 2013

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Cheddar Gougères

Cheddar Gourgères (cheese puffs)

Happy weekend, everyone. Even though it was short, that last week was much more difficult to get through than I thought it would be. My goal for the weekend is to do a couple of fun and restorative projects – probably sewing and blogging – and try to get my brain back into a place […]

Cooked up on January 5, 2013

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Easiest Lemon, Rosemary and Salmon Bake

Easiest Lemon Salmon Bake

Happy New Year, everyone! I’m excited to close the chapter of 2012 and make 2013 the best year yet – which if all of things already in place are any indication, it just might be. I don’t know if I’ve ever gone into a year with so many weekends, visits, travel plans and special occasions […]

Lemon Sage Martini

Lemon Sage Martini

Some may disagree with me on this, but I, an avowed beer lover, feel that even though beer is almost always appropriate, New Year’s Eve calls for something a little more fancy. Either champagne or cocktails. This year, we’re cooking up a delectable culinary adventure of a meal that involves salmon, cheese puffs, green beans […]

Cooked up on December 31, 2012

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Jicama, Apple, Balsamic and Mint Salad, a 100 calorie snack or side

What a week it has been! I hope everyone had the happiest of holidays. I know we did – we spent a fun-filled long weekend in Wichita with my family and then just a few days later headed out for a week in Chicagoland with Dave’s side of the family. I can already tell that […]