Stovetop Whole Wheat Mac and Cheese

Stovetop Whole Wheat Scratch Mac and Cheese | PDXfoodlove

This one goes out to all my fellow Blue Box Junkies.

Cooked up on September 21, 2016

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Buttermilk Bacon Pasta Salad

Buttermilk Bacon Pasta Salad |

Bacony comfort food that’s served chilled for an easy make-ahead dinner or summer evening meal.

Cooked up on April 25, 2016

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Homemade Orecchiette Pasta from Jenn Louis’s Pasta By Hand

Orecchiette Pasta from Jenn Louis's Pasta by Hand book | PDXfoodlove

Don’t get scared off by the idea of homemade pasta- this recipe is easy and delicious!

Cooked up on March 24, 2016

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Bacon Pumpkin Mac and Cheese

Bacon Pumpkin Mac & Cheese | PDXfoodlove

Bacon, pumpkin, pasta, cheese – any questions?

Cooked up on November 21, 2015

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Shrimp Bucatini with Crème Fraîche Sauce

Shrimp Pasta with Creme Fraiche Sauce | PDXfoodlove

I loved this easy “sauce.” Nobody said it has to be fancy! The Dijon mustard was a smart trick to add some dimension without destroying the dish’s simplicity.

Cooked up on April 13, 2015

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Perfect Bolognese Sauce

Perfect Bolognese Sauce | PDXfoodlove

Simple ingredients plus a little time equals one amazing tomato sauce.

Cooked up on January 19, 2015

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Pumpkin Cream Fettucine

Pumpkin Cream Fettucine | PDXfoodlove

Tomorrow’s Friday! It has been a busy but good week. I’m especially proud that I’ve been to the gym for each of the past five days! That is definitely a departure from the terrible routine I had in December. And it’s a good thing I’m getting back in the groove, too, because I have a […]

Cooked up on January 8, 2015

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Easy Broccoli Cheese Mac

Easy Broccoli Cheese Mac | PDXfoodlove

Oh, the midst of a remodel. It is a tough place to be sometimes. We can’t wait for it to be over. But one very important piece of progress has been made: our beautiful gas range has been installed. Dave and I have talked about getting a gas range for years. We love to cook, […]

Cooked up on October 1, 2014

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Fresh Tomato Butter Sauce

Fresh Tomato Butter Sauce | PDXfoodlove

Our tomatoes were late this year. I’m not really sure why – they were slow to grow and slow to fruit and they sure felt slow to ripen, but they finally are here. I ate one raw today. A big one. They are so incredibly sweet – I have to think that like with wine, […]

Cooked up on September 22, 2014

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Homemade Spaghetti with Romesco Sauce

Spaghetti with Romesco (Red Pepper Tomato) Sauce | PDXfoodlove

Oh my gosh, this week. Where did it go? I say that knowing full well that tomorrow is Thursday. Let’s talk about romesco sauce: it’s an amazingly easy roasted tomato and red pepper sauce. There are basically two steps: roast veg on pan, blend veg in blender. It was great to pair with something that […]

Cooked up on August 6, 2014

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