Cherry & Tomato Basil Toast

Cherry & Tomato Basil Toast

This is a little bit of a non-recipe recipe, but it was so bright and summery, I had to share.

Cooked up on June 30, 2015

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Summer Veggie Avocado & Ricotta Toast

Summer Veggie Avocado & Ricotta Toast | PDXfoodlove

There are so many beautiful veggies right now! We choose not to choose between them.

Cooked up on June 15, 2015

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Cranberry White Cheddar Grilled Cheese

Leftover Cranberry Sauce Grilled Cheese | PDXfoodlove

Yesterday I posted about two fun non-recipe recipes for Thanksgiving leftovers. We really enjoyed both of them, but if you thought that granola took care of all of our cranberry sauce, well, you’ve got another think coming. I wanted to switch things up a little for lunch on Sunday. We’ve eaten almost all of the […]

Cooked up on November 30, 2014

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Melty Apple, Ham & Swiss Panini

Melty Ham, Apple & Swiss Panini | PDXfoodlove

Good morning from the first day of winter in Portland. Somehow, school is canceled. There isn’t a single flake of snow on the ground. I’m a little grumpy about not getting the snow I was promised. I was looking forward to busting out my now one-year-aged eggnog. It seems far less appropriate without snow. But […]

Cooked up on November 13, 2014

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Chicago-Style Hot Dogs

Chicago-Style Hot Dogs | PDXfoodlove

Have I mentioned that we are from the midwest? [Of course I have.] We are loudly, proudly from the good ol’ heart of the country. For me there is absolutely nothing like getting to the edge of town and finding a stretch of wide open plains, as far as you can see. I like doug […]

Cooked up on August 20, 2014

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Prosciutto Fig Toast

Fig & Prosciutto Toast | PDXfoodlove

One of the my very favorite things about cooking seasonally is when you walk into the farmers market, and you know right that second what you’re going to make when you get home. Last weekend I couldn’t help but notice the figs. I knew I needed some in my life. And tomatoes. And some gin-roasted […]

Cooked up on August 19, 2014

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Bacon and Chicken Sausage Breakfast Sandwich

Chicken Sausage Breakfast Sandwich | PDXfoodlove

Remember when we had to boil water a few weeks ago? For those of you not in Portland, you might have seen it on the news (our family members in the Midwest said they did!) We were supposed to be boiling all the water we drank, cooked with, used for brushing teeth and rinsed clean […]

Cooked up on June 3, 2014

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Open-Face Prosciutto and Pepper Sandwich

Open Face Proscuitto Pepper Sandwich | PDXfoodlove

90 degrees! I can’t believe it. We drove out to wine country for a work meeting (no wine, this time, alas) and I think basically everyone in Portland was playing hooky and going home early, because traffic was absolute crap, even at 4 p.m. When I got home, I made sure the garden was hydrated […]

Cooked up on May 1, 2014

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Caramelized Onion & Prosciutto Grilled Cheese

Caramelized Onion & Prosciutto Grilled Cheese | PDXfoodlove

Hello friends, I hope you have had a wonderful holiday season. We were away for about eight days, starting with visiting my dad’s extended family in Minnesota and then heading to my husband’s family in the Chicago suburbs. It is the longest I’ve been away from home in years, I think. I’m excited to be […]

Cooked up on December 31, 2013

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Date, Blue Cheese and Bacon Chicken Salad

Bacon, Blue Cheese & Date Chicken Salad

Well, I am headed off soon to visit LA for a work retreat! I’m so excited about it – among other things (most of the itinerary is a surprise) I do know that we are going to In-N-Out. And also… brace yourselves… I’ve never been. I’m not sure if I can really call myself a […]