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Eight ways to escape paying for airport food

Our upcoming trip to Florida included, Dave and I never buy airport food (except coffee). Why? Because even the sandwiches at the “delis” and “bakeries” are often pretty gross. And who knows why that is. But why eat that stuff when you can bring your own? The only thing you have to remember is that […]

Cooked up on January 12, 2012

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Thanksgiving Love

We are back from the in-laws’ and an amazing Thanksgiving weekend, and I am starting a brand new job today so I haven’t been in my own kitchen for a few days. However, I did have some delicious Thanksgiving foods, so here they are, for your drooling pleasure: Caitlin and Laura made the mashed potatoes […]

Cooked up on November 28, 2011

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Time to Pick Apples

This past weekend Dave and I headed out to Albeke Farm in Oregon City with some friends to pick our own apples. It was so nice to get out of the city and spend some time on a farm. This post will mostly be photos of our trip.

Cooked up on November 3, 2011

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Our Trip to the Wisconsin State Fair: Food, Cute Animals, and also More Food.

This past weekend, we went on vacation to Chicago, and it was an absolutely fun-filled, food-filled awesome weekend. One of the highlights was definitely a day-trip we took on Friday to the Wisconsin State Fair – Milwaukee is only a couple of hours north of Chicago and it was a really great day spent with […]

Cooked up on August 15, 2011

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