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Cooked up on September 13, 2011

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Kind of an unconventional post today: A friend (actually, probably one of the oldest friends who reads this blog!) recently asked me for a list of what I keep in my pantry, which turns out to be a brilliant idea.

The way I’ve set it up is loosely sorted by categories. Items that are in bold text are items that will be replaced immediately upon their using-up. Items that are not in bold are things we probably wouldn’t replace until we specifically had a specific want/use for them (with the exception of the alcohol… its replacement is definitely sporadic). So, after taking inventory of my entire kitchen, here it is.

Also, because I’m that cool, it prints on one page.

I’m interested to hear your thoughts: Do you have anything to add (or subtract)?


  1. Do you ever use almond milk? I used to use soy milk instead of regular milk, but I’ve been much happier with almond milk lately. Just curious!

    Comment by Kimberly — September 13, 2011 @ 9:30 am

  2. You know, my coworker brings almond milk all the time for her coffee and I bum some off of her sometime. I haven’t ever bought any for myself but I really like it. Also, the fact that you can buy it and keep it on the shelf for a while is a huge plus.

    I’m not a big drinker of regular milk but I do prefer it with cereal and I haven’t really experimented much with baking. I think almond milk would be a delicious additive to cookies. Or oatmeal. Hmm…

    Comment by bekky — September 14, 2011 @ 9:05 am

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