Stout Brownies with Irish Cream Ganache

Stout Brownies with Irish Cream Glaze for St. Patrick's Day | PDXfoodlove

Chocolate, cream and whisky… need I say more?

Cooked up on March 12, 2017

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Chocolate Rum Brownies

Double Chocolate Rum Brownies | PDXfoodlove

Happy Tuesday, everyone. I am finally getting my feet back under me after a very busy two weeks. I was out of town for almost a week, which was tough on its own, and then we opened a hotel at my day job! Which was crazy and fun. And then I ran a 15k. It […]

Cooked up on March 17, 2014

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Mexican Hot Chocolate Brownies

Mexican Hot Chocolate Brownies

I remember when my freshman Spanish teacher made us Mexican hot chocolate in class one day. She had a little hot plate going up on the little cart that usually held the projector – I think it was for Dia de los Muertos – but we ate a lot of food in that class so […]

Cooked up on May 10, 2013

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Bourbon Pecan Brownies – Gluten and Dairy Free Brownie Mix Hack

Bourbon Pecan Brownies

A couple of weeks ago we had a potluck in honor of a friend and coworker who is moving on to a new job – and this particular friend can’t eat gluten OR dairy. But our office made a gluten and dairy-free potluck for her sendoff, and it was really fun! People collaborated to make […]

Cooked up on April 25, 2013

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Butterscotch Blondies

A while back I was traveling for work to Girl Scout camps around the state. We stayed at one near the coast, and ate dinner with the kiddos. I was freezing, because I looked at the Portland weather forecast and it said to plan for 100 degrees. I did not look at the coastal forecast. […]

Cooked up on August 29, 2012

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Ruth Reichl’s Brownies

I’ve been reading a lot of Ruth Reichl lately – I put all of her books on hold at the library and – this NEVER happens – they all came in at the same time. So now I have four of them. Dave has started referring to her as my girlfriend. This recipe is adapted […]

Cooked up on May 10, 2012

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