The Cocktail Diaries: Homemade Maraschino Cherries

Homemade Cocktail Cherries | PDXfoodlove

I have to admit, the hot weather had had me drinking a lot more beer than cocktails lately. But when I accidentally bought 8 lbs. of cherries when I thought I was buying 4 last week, I was looking for creative ways to use them in a way that would last a long time. And, […]

Cooked up on July 16, 2014

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Orangey Peach Tom Collins featuring IZZE Soda

Orangey Peach Tom Collins with IZZE Soda | PDXfoodlove

I am so excited about this recipe, you guys. And in general about this post, for many reasons. But when IZZE soda contacted me and asked if they could send over some delicious fruity soda, the first thing I thought was this: Golden. Cocktail. Opportunity. Welcome to the Orangey Peach Tom Collins. Regular club soda/seltzer […]

Cooked up on April 22, 2014

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Homemade Mascarpone

Homemade Mascarpone | PDXfoodlove

I’ve been talking up my homemade mascarpone for over a week, teasing you all with a Strawberry and Mascarpone Tart, and this Grapefruit Arugula Toast. Well, the wait is over. I’m finally writing about the cheese itself! I can’t believe how easy this was, and how much better the homemade version tastes. Or how inexpensive […]

Cooked up on April 8, 2014

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Homemade Raw Muesli

Homemade Raw Muesli | PDXfoodlove

So… muesli. There’s a Simpsons clip that perfectly illustrates its reputation. But APPARENTLY someone has been minding their copyright infringements and I can’t find a photo or video to share with you. If you have it handy, it’s S12, Ep 18, “Trilogy of Error.” Homer, Bart and Lisa’s day beings poorly when Marge has decided […]

Cooked up on March 3, 2014

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Homemade Vanilla Extract

Homemade Vanilla | PDXfoodlove

This is a post that has been in the works for literally months! I started making homemade vanilla in November, thinking I would use it as holiday gifts. Instead, I ended up using at our PDX Food Swap last weekend! It was quite the hot commodity. I will definitely be doing more batches for upcoming […]

Cooked up on January 30, 2014

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Homemade Twinkies

This recipe began with a Christmas gift. Dave gave me both a “twinkie” pan and a frosting injector – what a fun present! I put it to use to take a sweet treat over to our friends’ house for a day of watching football. It was the same day we made those yummy soft pretzels […]

Cooked up on January 16, 2014

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Homemade Soft Pretzels

Homemade Soft Pretzels | PDXfoodlove

One of my favorite things about writing this blog is discovering how much better homemade versions of some things are. Case in point: I can think of a few others. Pizza. Nachos. Muffins. Okay, maybe I can think of a lot of others. I’m definitely not saying I don’t ever like to enjoy a meal […]

Cooked up on January 9, 2014

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Homemade Applesauce

Homemade applesauce couldn't be easier

Yes, I am posting a recipe for applesauce. If you’ve made it before, it might sound kind of silly to post a “recipe” for it. But if you haven’t, well, it might be a little mysterious. Exactly how much work goes into locking away the flavor of early fall for months to come? Almost none. […]

Strawberry Vanilla Rose Jam

Strawberry Vanilla Rose Jam

Ohai! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Possibly my longest time without a blog post in the two-and-change years I’ve been writing this blog. I’ve had a few things going on. First, we were gone for several days at my sister-in-law’s wedding in South Carolina. It was absolutely lovely. The wedding was perfect (my husband […]

How to Can Peaches

How to Can Peaches

Well, as I’m sitting in our home office this evening, I can tell that the end is nigh. It’s raining. Kind of a lot. Again. *cries* I don’t know if I’m actually going to get any tomatoes this year or if the ones on the vine will just spit and/or get covered in mold. Maybe […]

Cooked up on August 28, 2013

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