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Five-Ingredient Lunch: Caprese Salad

Caprese salads are beautiful on their own and great for adding to a fancy dinner, but because there is so little prep involved I think they’re totally underrated as a lunch item. Plus, there’s no cooking involved and almost no work. If the ingredients are fresh, this salad will stand on its own as a […]

Cooked up on July 25, 2011

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Six-Ingredient Lunch: Pesto Pasta Salad

Lunch does not have to be $7 out of your pocket every day… or 99 cents out of your pocket for a processed frozen meal that’s probably not to great for you (though I’ve definitely consumed a few of these in my day). Plus, I find that I really look forward to my lunch when […]

Cooked up on July 21, 2011

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Garden Update and Goals

This week is a big week for our garden. It is time for our first tomato! There’s not much to show scale here, but I would imagine that this guy is about three to four inches across and two inches tall. And perfect! I can’t wait to pick it… I’m giving it another day or […]

Cooked up on July 20, 2011

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Delicious Dinner Salad, Brought to You By This Week’s CSA

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a pile of farm-fresh veggies and cheese. This Sunday night Dave and I finished running a few errands and decided that we wanted something really fresh for dinner. We ended up making a Cobb-ish creation, starring all kinds of fresh produce from our weekly CSA box. Here’s what we used: […]

Cooked up on July 19, 2011

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Sour cherry salad for lunch

Happy Friday, friends. Tonight we won’t be cooking because we’ll be celebrating Dave’s success at work! But first, we get to have lunch: I love fruit and nut salads. I also love that you don’t have to cook anything for them. Remember these guys? They are just waiting to be part of my favorite kind […]

Cooked up on July 15, 2011

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We learned to make (veggie) sushi!

There was definitely a lot of learning here, but I think we ended up with some pretty decent sushi! As you can see, they are of varying degrees of professionalism. Dave, our friend Pete, and I all made several rolls (this photo is the first half of the sushi we made), and we all got […]

Cooked up on July 14, 2011

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Our CSA box this week

The post you are about to view is not for the faint of heart. If you’re hungry, well… you’re about to get hungrier. Today our CSA box was on our doorstep when I got home from work, and it is full of some seriously good eats. Behold: From back left to right front, we have […]

Cooked up on July 12, 2011

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Strawberry rhubarb crisp, straight from our backyard. And gluten free!

This past weekend we spent a lot of time with friends, and I am totally and completely exhausted. But we also cooked a lot, and had a great time doing it. On Saturday we actually harvested some rhubarb from our backyard, and learned a TON about it. Behold: Pretty, but definitely different than what you […]

Cooked up on July 5, 2011

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