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Smashed Pea Crostini with Radishes and Pesto

When thinking about making this crostini I had spring veggies on the brain. Specifically radishes. I am not sure why, but all of the sudden I am trying to work them into meals all the time. So I developed this recipe around the idea of eating a lot of them. But it wasn’t until I […]

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

When we bought our house just over a year ago, there was one funny-looking plant in the raised beds in the back. We figured we would have to rip it out before planting our stuff. Then we inspected more closely, and found that in fact it was a rhubarb plant. Needless to say, we decided […]

Cooked up on May 13, 2012

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Risotto with Champagne and Spring Veggies

  I’ve been sitting on this recipe for a while. Not really sure why. Apparently I took the photo immediately after making it, because it’s still a little steamy. Haha. One of my favorite things about making risotto is that it’s so easy to use up all of your leftover wine – seems like we […]

Cooked up on May 9, 2012

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