Pineapple Strawberry & Coconut Smoothie

What do you do when you have tiki party leftovers? Make smoothies! Without the rum.

Cooked up on October 17, 2016

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Chocolate Ganache Strawberry Tart

Strawberry Chocolate Ganache Tart | PDXfoodlove

Chocolate filling, chocolate crust, strawberries on top… is this the perfect dessert? Maybe!

Cooked up on June 22, 2016

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Strawberry Shortcake with Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream

Strawberry Shortcake with Vanilla Bean Cream | PDXfoodlove

The ultimate spring dessert. Or breakfast. Or snack.

Cooked up on May 31, 2016

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Strawberry Whisky Smash featuring Pendleton Midnight

Strawberry Whisky Smash featuring Pendleton Midnight | PDXfoodlove

Whiskey isn’t only for sweater weather! Check out this tart, refreshing cocktail that’s perfect for spring and summer.

Cooked up on May 18, 2016

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Kale Strawberry Blue Cheese Salad

Kale Strawberry Salad with Blue Cheese | PDXfoodlove

A big, healthy plate of bold spring flavors

Cooked up on May 14, 2015

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Blueberry Pomegranate Smoothie

Blueberry Pomegranate Smoothie | PDXfoodlove

I can’t believe the crazy amount of stuff we accomplished today and this weekend. We finished up some homemade orange liqueur. We made cake, scones, fish tacos, corn fritters, and of course, a cocktail. And, I got a ton of laundry done. But it’s been a hot one. The windows are all open and they […]

Easiest Strawberry “Caprese” Bruschetta

Strawberry Caprese Bruschetta | PDXfoodlove

Yes, caprese gets quotation marks. It’s not exactly a caprese, but I just made a little substitution. How was everyone’s weekend? We didn’t have a lot of things on our schedule, so we just had a glorious, relaxing couple of days. We got our butts absolutely kicked in yoga. We watched the Timbers win big […]

The Cocktail Diaries: Strawberry Jalapeño Mojito

Strawberry Jalapeño Mojito | PDXfoodlove

A short post today! There’s a lot going on. But it’s almost the weekend! Get it started right with my new favorite cocktail: This Strawberry Jalapeño Mojito is a fun cocktail that I dreamed up in the produce aisle at New Seasons. I happened to be standing right between the strawberries and jalapeños at the […]

Cooked up on June 4, 2014

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Tomato Strawberry Bruschetta

Strawberry Bruschetta | PDXfoodlove

Get ready for the easiest, springiest appetizer you’ve ever laid eyes on. This tomato strawberry bruschetta makes a lot of sense when you think about it. Good tomatoes are so delightfully sweet. Strawberry and basil go so well together. Why should all three not get together for a little party to welcome spring? Now, I […]

Strawberry Vanilla Rose Jam

Strawberry Vanilla Rose Jam

Ohai! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Possibly my longest time without a blog post in the two-and-change years I’ve been writing this blog. I’ve had a few things going on. First, we were gone for several days at my sister-in-law’s wedding in South Carolina. It was absolutely lovely. The wedding was perfect (my husband […]