So-Easy Salted Shortbread

So Easy Salted Shortbread | PDXfoodlove

I have been traveling quite a bit for work lately, and one night I got in to the PDX airport and Dave was there to pick me up. It was almost midnight. I had eaten not-great food for dinner while at an airport that unfortunately only had Pepsi products (not even Dr. Pepper). So I […]

Cooked up on March 19, 2014

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Homemade Twinkies

This recipe began with a Christmas gift. Dave gave me both a “twinkie” pan and a frosting injector – what a fun present! I put it to use to take a sweet treat over to our friends’ house for a day of watching football. It was the same day we made those yummy soft pretzels […]

Cooked up on January 16, 2014

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Chocolate Cardamom Ice Cream

Chocolate Cardamom Ice Cream | PDXfoodlove

Oh my goodness, I can’t wait to sleep. Traveling is weird. Jet lag is weird. I’m still adjusting. But you know what? The lunches are made for tomorrow and the laundry is done. We’re mostly unpacked. Life is getting back to normal. If you’re like me, the past few days you’ve had New Year’s resolutions […]

Cooked up on January 2, 2014

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Chocolate Ricotta Donuts

Chocolate Ricotta Donuts | PDXfoodlove

Usually I try to start these posts off with a life/me update. However, today I don’t have anything to say that is more important than these donuts. These might be my favorite donuts that I’ve ever made, ever. And we’ve made quite a few donuts in our day. Normally baked donuts taste kind of like […]

Cooked up on October 14, 2013

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Pumpkin Spice Latte Mini Scones

Pumpkin Spice Latte Scones | PDXfoodlove

Today is my birthday! We started celebrating early this weekend. I opened one of my presents early because Dave thought it would be good for me to have for the weekend instead of on a weekday… because it was a pressure canner!!!! I’m so excited. I’ve already turned 6 lbs. of our home grown tomatoes […]

Cooked up on October 7, 2013

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Donut Muffins

Donut Muffins

I don’t know about you all, but it seems like the weekend is already a year in the past. We worked so hard to prime the entire upstairs for painting and start sanding the floors! It was probably 30 man/woman-hours altogether and between the two of us. We did not go to the gym. We […]

Cooked up on June 18, 2013

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Blackberry Donuts

Blackberry Donuts

These donuts were a sort-of last minute idea. Once again I bought berries because they were on sale with no real plan in mind. Then it was suddenly Saturday morning and we needed breakfast. I’m really happy with how these turned out, particularly because of the color. Who doesn’t like a donut that is bright […]

Cooked up on May 23, 2013

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Chocolate Waffles

chocolate waffles

I promise this week won’t be only decadent stuff. Maybe. Actually, let me think on that for a while…yeah, no guarantees. I do have some great stuff lined up. So stay tuned – it’s going to be another good week on PDXfoodlove.com, and I probably do actually have enough sweet treats to last several days […]

Cooked up on May 6, 2013

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Delicious Donut Holes

Donut Holes

I learned something new this week while watching Good Eats (surprise, surprise). It would probably take at least four or five viewings of every episode to fully absorb the knowledge those shows contain. Anywho, I learned about why buttermilk is called for so often in baking. Buttermilk is ACIDIC. Baking powder needs an acid to […]

Cooked up on February 19, 2013

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Baked Green Tea Donuts

Baked Green Tea Donuts

And now for something completely different! Usually my baking endeavors hover around chocolate, peanut butter, bananas, chocolate.. you get the idea. Well today, Dave had a great idea to do green tea donuts! We’re kind of getting into tea lately – Dave and I have both started drinking it more frequently at work, totally independent […]

Cooked up on February 10, 2013

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