The Colors of Late Summer

Cooked up on September 1, 2011

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Now is the time we’ve been waiting for all summer: the time when the garden is in full production mode and the colors just beg you to get out there with your camera.

I took a picture of this bunch of tomatoes for a garden post a few weeks ago, and they were all green. Now it’s one of the most beautiful parts of the garden. I’m reluctant to harvest the ripe ones just because it’s so gorgeous.

That kind of color is showing up everywhere, though. So I’m not going to feel too bad when they become salsa.

This gorgeous beauty was only a couple of inches long a week ago. It’s grown considerably faster than the other two eggplants on the plant, which makes me think it’s hoarding the water supply. Mostly I just hope they all get to be a decent size eventually.

And look who FINALLY joined the party! Baby tomatillos! Who knows when they will actually be ready to eat… this thing is probably the diameter of a quarter right now. But I’m confident, because this is serious progress.

In other purple news, we planted some purple bell peppers. I did not know they existed previously, but I’m pretty excited to try them out.

Judging by the looks of these guys, though, I think we’ll have plenty of normal bell peppers first (if they will turn red already!)

And last but not least… tons and tons of chiles. These are the Hungarian Hot peppers, one of the plants Dave picked out. I am a teensy bit scared of how spicy these are going to be, but I’ll try it! 🙂 (as we have seen from various COUGHfriedbeer events, I will try lots of things crazier than this!)

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  1. Hi bekky ..
    I recently began to get my green thumb.
    I adore my garden. It is absolutely relaxing. I love this hobby. =)

    Comment by trina — September 2, 2011 @ 10:16 pm

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