Tiffany Box cake for a Breakfast at Tiffany’s bridal shower

Cooked up on June 15, 2012

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So, this is something I’m pretty proud of.

We threw a Breakfast at Tiffany’s bridal shower for one of our coworkers, and in true Girl Scout form, everyone divided up the work and made one heck of an awesome party! There was a Breakfast at Tiffany’s sleep mask made by hand for the guest of honor, coffee cream martinis as the signature drink, and tons of pearls and little black dresses all around. Best of all, it was a surprise party and we TOALLY pulled it off!

My role was to make the cake – there are a ton fo great Breakfast at Tiffany’s ideas on Pinterest and such, and we decided to go for the whole cake rather than cupcakes or cake pops (this time. heh).

Unfortunately, I did not get a lot of photos of the fondant-making process itself, because it was EXTREMELY messy, as fondant-making always is, and I did not want to destroy my camera. :) This time I made marshmallow fondant rather than the kind you can make with glycerin, glucose, etc. Not only was it MUCH easier, but it also tasted better! Plus, it was much easier to dye the color.

I used this tutorial to make the fondant, and it is totally spot on. I made two batches and it worked perfectly both times. To get Tiffany Blue, just use 3 parts blue food coloring:2 parts yellow. In this case, for one batch of fondant, it was more like 15 parts blue: 10 parts yellow, or maybe more. Fondant can soak up a lot of food coloring since it’s so full of powdered sugar.

To make a cake the shape of a box, I cut a standard cake in half, and used it to make two layers. I used frosting to level off the areas that weren’t quite square, and then applied a crumb coat to the whole thing. This photo is pre-most of the crumb coat.


I then rolled the blue fondant out to about 1/8 inch thick, and VERY CAREFULLY measured how much I would need to go around the outside of the cake. And that’s the layer I put on first.

After that, I added the top of the box.

After that, I rolled ou the white fondant and used it to make the “ribbon” – that part was easy :)

A few things I learned in making this cake:

  • Always level off the cakes so they are as close to perfect squares as possible. This may mean that you end up with some weirdly shaped cake shavings. That is OK!
  • Always make marshmallow fondant rather than that other stuff.
  • Fondant will conform to the shape of everything underneath it – it settles quite a bit after it is initially applied  – so make the crumb coat as SMOOTH AS POSSIBLE and try to avoid overlapping the fondant if you can. I might even try chilling the cake post-crumb coat to make it firmer before fondant application.
  • Try to use an easily-blended color of frosting for the crumb coat. I ended up cleaning the cake a little bit with a wet paper towel because I had a few spots of chocolate frosting on the outsie of the cake.

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